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Whores of Babylon Was formed in 1992. By 1994 they had released the album `Metropolis` on Candlelight records. Portishead did a remix of the song `Fall of Agade` from that album for a now rare 1993 Whores of Babylon Remix EP 12” vinyl 


In 1996 the Whores released the `Kumari` mini album on the Portuguese `Skyfall` records label  





Whores of Babylon`s music is influenced by metal / Goth / dramatic classical / ethnic & film scores 


In 1998 The Whores changed their name to `SOUNDISCIPLES` to reflect a change in musical direction and in 1999 released the more techno/Industrial metal hybrid `Undefined` on the `Music for Nations / Peaceville` labels.


Although SOUNDISCIPLES are still active. The Whores of Babylon was reformed in 2002 by founder member Gobz during the few years that he parted ways with Soundisciples, some live studio recordings were made that year more for fun than to actually be released, mainly metal covers of bands such as Sepultura, Slayer, Prong etc. New original material is currently in the pipeline, although still retaining the influences on previous releases the current music is much heavier than before featuring more detuned guitars and some more guttural vocals in parts. 


Amongst others the Whores have previously collaborated with Beth Gibbons & Geoff Barrow from Portishead , Gizz Butt ( former Prodigy guitarist ) & will also feature on new material one or two lead solo`s by current Sisters of Mercy guitarist Ben Christo.


In 1991 Gobz founded and now currently co-owns SOA studios in Bristol with Geoff Barrow. 


In 2008 the Whores along with their sister band SOUNDISCIPLES look set to release new albums on Gobz Bristol based LOVEGUN RECORDS. 

There is also another offshoot act from the Whores called `W.O.B – The Noiselab Project, it is less metal and more Industrial / Trance / Drum and Bass / Cyber-Gothic.  The `Mechanically Seperated` ep was recorded in 2000 and featured very prominently on many popular mp3 sites for about 5 years.  A follow up to this will be recorded sometime during 2008 ( www.myspace.com/noiselabproject


Having not played any gigs anywhere since 1996 ( mainly due to members operating exclusively as Soundisciples ) , Whores of Babylon plan to get back on tour some time in 2008 after completion of the next album `The Curse of Gods`, initially doing a couple of warm up gigs in Bristol.  In fact during 2008 there will be the strange occurrence of them appearing as Soundisciples ( www.myspace.com/soundisciples ) and Whores of Babylon at the same time ! possible because core members are the same and both bands have a similar fan base 


How will this work ? well part of the set will be performed as Soundisciples and then with some minor personnel changes, the other part as Whores of Babylon.  Although probably at some point both bands will split up into two full gigging machines of their own.


There is even a fourth offshoot band that features at the moment just the 2 core members from the Whores & Soundisciples.  It is called `The Drunken Pirates` ( www.myspace.com/drunkenpiratesmusic ) . The music is punk with a pirate theme and can only be described as `a bit mental ! `, but that’s another story.






2006 – CURRENT

`unconfirmed` - Vocals
GOBZ (Julian Hill) - Vocals/guitars/bass/synths/programming/composer
JACKO - Drums
JOE WHITE - Lead Guitar


2002 -2005

GOBZ - Vocals/guitars/synths/programming/composer




GOBZ - loads of shit
Plus live musicians : Rob , Ester , Debbie , Johnny , Ryan , Joe White